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Enabling Continual Improvement

For the purposes of the FbD program, we define research and monitoring as two related but distinct areas of inquiry. While both are focused on acquiring new knowledge, research is characterized as the systematic, theoretically-informed collection and analysis of data (usually in a discrete focused study). In slight contrast, monitoring is the act of systematically measuring selected metrics to evaluate change over time, often after implementing an intervention to evaluate the degree to which desired or predicted outcomes are observed. Monitoring is also an integral part of adaptively managing programs and projects.

In the context of FbD, research and monitoring is inclusive across all domains of natural and social sciences relevant to integrated floodplain management.

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FBD Spotlight
Merle Jefferson
Nooksack River

“Funding will offer improved flood protection to the Lummi Indian Reservation and surrounding communities, will offer opportunities to address and meaningfully integrate flood risk reduction with salmon habitat needs and the needs of working floodplains, and will directly support some of the salmon habitat restoration projects necessary to advance the recovery of salmon in the Nooksack River.”