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Trust, collaboration and communication are foundational components of integrated floodplain management. This section contains resources for building trust with diverse project stakeholders, engaging with unhoused communities living in the floodplain or taking a trauma-informed approach to emergency communication.

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FBD Spotlight
Anna Geffre
North Pacific Coast Lead Entity

“Salmon runs have significantly declined from historic levels in the Washington Coast Region. The Historic Oxbow Project will establish long-term habitat restoration, restore natural riverine processes, reconnect floodplains and wetlands, and restore in-stream habitat; all high-priority strategies.”

Trauma Informed Care Newsletter & Peer Support Group

Looking for resources and peer support around engaging unhoused folks in floodplains?

Increasingly, floodplain managers and land stewards are encountering houseless people surviving in floodplains and riparian areas. We’re working to develop resources to help build skills and support for environmental workers engaging with unhoused communities. Join our monthly peer support sessions or sign up for our newsletter for more information!

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Our quarterly newsletter shares resources, relevant articles and upcoming opportunities for land and water stewards engaging with unhoused communities. Sign up for the newsletter here.

Please contact for more information or to sign up for the peer support sessions.