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Collaborating for Funding and Policy Improvements

The Funding & Policy Action Group serves as the go-to convenor for floodplain funding and policy efforts across the state and to leverage current momentum for integrated floodplain management into innovative approaches that can better position partners for funding, address barriers to implementation, and improve coordination across all levels of government.

The F&PAG works to:

  • foster trust, collaboration and partnership across state and federal agency efforts
  • support advocacy for the state capital grant program and increased ease in synergistic funding sources
  • provide clarity on funding programs and project competitiveness
  • and facilitate policy change to address local concerns through legislation, advocacy and partnerships.
Upcoming Events
FBD Spotlight
Anna Geffre
North Pacific Coast Lead Entity

“Salmon runs have significantly declined from historic levels in the Washington Coast Region. The Historic Oxbow Project will establish long-term habitat restoration, restore natural riverine processes, reconnect floodplains and wetlands, and restore in-stream habitat; all high-priority strategies.”

Meeting Packets and Minutes

Below you can find the meeting packets and minutes from previous meetings.

To learn more about the Funding & Policy Action Group, contact the co-leads: Brandon Parsons, or Mary Huff,