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Many ways to engage
There are multiple ways to engage with the Floodplains by Design network and you don’t have to be a grant recipient to learn more about how integrated floodplain management can benefit your local community and environment. From a monthly Lunch & Learn series that connects folks with peer-to-peer learning, to quarterly Funding and Policy Action Group meetings that explore state and federal funding opportunities or needed policy adjustments, to the annual Tribal Training course, or bi-annual grant applications, there are formal and informal ways to participate.

Integrated floodplain management is a systems based approach, at the heart of which is the idea that the most complex problems are solved by helping people work together. The FbD network brings together floodplain managers, Tribal leaders, habitat biologists, farmers, project managers, funding agencies, elected officials and concerned citizens that want their communities and ecosystems to be safer, healthier, and more resilient. Explore the different ways to engage below.

Upcoming Events
FBD Spotlight
Jon Miller
Cedar River

“We really like where we’re living now. It used to be we would get pretty anxious when they’d say a Pineapple Express was coming, but we don’t worry at all where we’re living now.”

Calendar of Events

The Calendar of Events shows all the upcoming meetings across the network, from the Lunch & Learns to the Steering Group meetings and everything in between. Click on different events for a short description, link back to a more detailed webpage, or contact info for the backbone team member who helps lead that activity.

Funding & Policy Action Group

The Funding & Policy Action Group serves as the go-to convenor for floodplain funding and policy efforts across the state and to leverage current momentum for integrated floodplain management into innovative approaches that can better position partners for funding, address barriers to implementation, and improve coordination across all levels of government. ​

Culture & Capacity Action Group

The Culture & Capacity Action Group supports the development and implementation of the FbD Learning Program through communications, collaboration, learning, and capacity building activities across the integrated floodplain management network. It helps identify challenges to the realization of local, regional, and federal integrated floodplain management goals and project implementation and workshops strategies to help address those challenges.