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Project management associated with integrated floodplain work ranges from how to manage a complex, multi-interest, multi-party collaboration to seeing a capital project from idea to construction.  For many, it includes working at a watershed scale, which means dozens of partners and projects and associated contracts and meetings. Resources on collaborative work, and permitting and contracting efficiencies can help move work forward easier.

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FBD Spotlight
Tristan Klesick
Stillaguamish River

“We all come to the table with different needs but a common agenda: the long-term stewardship of these lands, and our future.”

Collaborative Work

Collaboration is one of the tools used to advance integrated floodplain management.  Concepts around shared speaking, listening, collective action in support of community needs, and democracy itself have deep roots in indigenous governments, political structures and communities.  Stewarding, facilitating and structuring complex collaborative efforts benefits from skills, mentoring, training, and support.  Those working in this space are also seeking access to traditions, stories and diverse world views and frameworks for how to better work together.

Contracting Efficiencies

Whether your organization has 3 contracts or 300 contracts, managing contracts to both receive and expend money has grown exponentially in regard to complexity and thus the amount of time and money spent on administration has also grown. Tips, tricks and resources to improve contracting efficiency are included below in hopes of easing workloads and shifting time from administration to on-the-ground action.  If you have additional resources or information to share on this topic please reach out to Allan Warren at

  • Contracting Efficiency Presentation – View a presentation from Mallory Sashko, Grant Accountant, with Pierce County Planning and Public Works Business and Financial Operations on tips and tricks for contracting efficiencies.